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Since the start-up, Nordbo Enterprises has carried out accounting services on behalf of external clients, mainly foreign capital companies established in Western Pomerania, Poland.

As of 2009, when Nordbo Enterprises became the 100% shareholder, these services are offered by Segel Polska. The services are carried out by one chartered accountant and one payroll specialist, and the book-keeping and payroll is done on inhouse accounting software.

Due to the variety of tasks and projects carried out in the past, Segel Polska is well prepared to offer the following: 

  • Book-keeping
  • Payroll & personnel administration
  • Preparation of monthly profit & loss reports and balance sheets according to the needs of the local Polish management and foreign owners
  • Preparation of other reports as needed, eg. cash flow, investments and credit applications
  • Responsibility for all contact and reporting to Polish tax -and other applicable authorities up up  
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